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 VISIT TYPE                     RATE (PER VISIT)

Initial Consultation                          FREE

Drop-In                                          $18

Regular (20-40 mins)                          $25

Hourly                                            $35


Regular walk                                   $25                                          (2 lg)                                             $30


60 min walk                                   $35

  (2 lg)                                           $40


Extended (2 consecutive hours)             $25/hr

Key p/u - d/o                                  $10




Travel Charges              Miles           Price

I use,                        

To look up the                            0-5              Free  

miles from my home                   6-7              $2

to yours.                                    8-9              $3

                                                10-11            $5



 After Hours Add                              $5  

 Late Payment                               $10 

 Returned Check Fee                        $20

No extra charges for multiple pets.
 * excludes walks

Please schedule adequate time to provide the services requested.  If your pet or home needs more time then scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to you. Bringing in mail, yard pickup, watering and other average tasks are included in base price.  More difficult tasks are $5 extra per 15 minutes.



1 Free 30min Service!

  New customers only, with 4 or more paid visits.

Collect a $5 Credit for Every Referral

  Every referral that books service with us earns $5 to your account. 


Initial Booking Consultation    30-60 minutes

At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service.

Regular Visit                     20-40 Mins 

Feeding, water change, poop scoop, play time, potty break

Hourly Care                         50-70 Mins

Feeding, water change, poop scoop, play time, potty break

Mail collection, plant watering, garbage bin service,

Medication administration

(pills / liquids - no injections)


Extended Visit                     2 hours

All the above. Best for multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or special needs. Reserve 2 or more consecutive hours and pay $25 an hour.

Drop In                           10-20 Mins

Short drop in for quick feed/water and scoop (1-cat); check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler system, close windows, etc.


Important Terms


Payment is due before service starts. 


A separate signed & completed Service Request is also due for each service, before each service start.


With permission you may leave a check in full and the completed Service Request for the first visit.  However, your pet sitter must leave your home without providing any service if you forget either item. 


Refunds & Cancellations 

       Holiday            Payment in full is charged (no refunds)

       0-48 Hrs          Payment in full is charged (no refunds)

       2-7 Days          20% of Service total is due (80% refund)

       8+ Days           No charge, refund in full

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