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About me

 I am compassionate and caring with a tremendous love for all animals. Yes, even reptiles!
 I grew up with dogs, have experience with fish, reptiles, hamsters, and now live with three cats and a bearded dragon. As an aspiring Dog trainer, I am also volunteering as a dog socializer at the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

 Growing up with and caring for many pets has given me experience and understanding of pets and their needs.

 It has always been a dream of mine to pursue my passion in caring for and working with animals. Although I have done pet sitting jobs, I never really considered it as a career and business until now.
I started Mr. Cappers' Happy Pets as a dedication to my dog, Casper, who died from cancer. This is my way of giving back all the love, dedication, and devotion that he gave me.

 Your pets are important to you and as someone who is passionate about animals and their well being, I understand that. My goal is to provide your pets the companionship and care they deserve when you can't be there.

 I have over 20 years experience caring for pets and am deeply committed to providing the best care possible.

Kathy has been amazing with my 2 little pups.  She is patient and kind she also stays longer than asked, and has been working with my 12 week old pup with more patience then I have.  Love her!  Thank you Kathy
Robbi M.

Kathy is a so sweet lady! She did good job to help me taking care of my dog .
The charge is reasonable! I'll let her help me

next time.
Weiming H.

Mr. Capper's Happy Pets is the best! The name says it all. Kathy is so amazing and a natural with animals. We feel so comfortable taking trips now knowing we have her taking care of our cat and bearded dragon. That little reptile can take a lot of extra work, and Kathy goes the extra mile to give him proper care and attention. My husband is very protective of our pets and has struggled taking trips before worrying about them not getting proper care. Kathy is the first person we have found who gives him complete confidence and freedom from worrying. Not only do we know our pets will be happy, but each time she has pet-sitted, Kathy has given us helpful tips and info that has been so valuable in our own pet care. She is so insightful and in touch with the animals, on top of having a very calm energy herself. I also enjoy her sense of humor as she sometimes sends us cute pics of our pets with funny remarks while we are away. Additionally, she leaves us a detailed report card of what happened each day, so you have a thorough report of your pets behaviors and the time she put in! It is such a nice extra touch and I think shows how reliable she is. We recommend her pet services 100% and cannot say enough good words about Mr. Cappers' Happy Pets!

Tori S.

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